Why a professionally built Law Firm website design is essential to all professional law practices

Why a professionally built Law Firm website design is essential

A Law firm website serves as the foundation of a law firm or solo attorney’s digital presence. In today’s online market place it is important that a lawfirm website is built and optimized to ensure the best outcome for both the lawyers and their clients success. Approximately 48% see web design as the top factor determining whether a business is reliable or not.

Defining your first impression. 94% of first impressions on websites are based entirely on how it looks. (Source: Research Gate)

When clients land on your lawfirm website, they’ll make a judgment within the first few seconds based on your website’s look and design. So, we will want to ensure that the first impression is an impressive one. We know in general that users are turned off by an outdated, unorganized or unappealing landing page.  Website design is a key component of  online marketing presence in today’s market and demonstrates several important factors in its construction.

  • Strong, clear design that communicates exactly what you do and the benefits you bring.
  • Call-to-action buttons that are clear and eye-catching and conform to your branding.
  • Easy navigation; clients come to your website with a goal in mind.
  • Consistent branding across your entire law firm website creates a sense of cohesion and professionalism.
  • Purposeful images to achieve a balance of text content and appealing images that fulfill a purpose.
  • Fast page speed is a vital part of how customers engage with your site.

The website design industry statistics show that 47% of people give up on a website that takes more than two seconds to load.

(Source: Blue Corona)

Creating an impressive and seamless Law Firm website design plan.

When creating or redesigning a website there should always be a detailed plan of what you want to do and how you will accomplish it. Decide on what elements you want to incorporate into your website that serves your clients best. A professional web developer will have an experienced understanding of what pages your website needs to offer and how to design your content flow so clients feel welcome and respond well to your  content and branding, turning them into lifelong, loyal clients.

Below are several of the necessary elements:

  • Responsive design: Mobile-optimized website adapt to create a positive viewing experience on any device.
  • Your online presence should be a cohesive branding unit that has links to your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) with your website serving as the hub.
  • Build strong SEO strategies: SEO is a vital part of any online presence. Decide on what content is relevant and interesting to your customers and design your SEO strategy around that content.
  • Clients are becoming more protective of their personal information. Having a current SSL will provide them with peace of mind.

48% of users believe that companies without mobile-friendly websites “do not care.”

(Source: eCommWeb)

Biographies and Professional head shot.

Future clients will want to know who you are. It’s important to convey the professionalism and trust. Biographies are a excellent way to build that trust and credibility and to reassure your future clients that they’ll be well looked after. Law can be an intimidating profession for many people. Clients are looking for information that will help them feel comfortable about taking the next steps with you. Most importantly, this is the page where you can share a little of the story of why you are in business. A place to add character and personality to your law practice by putting the human face on it. The focus of a Law Firm biography page should be on you and your story with how you align with the needs of your target audience.  TheARRC would love to be the team to help you create a Law Firm website and online experience.

The Importance of Having Your Own Law Firm Website

A law firm website is a legal marketing tool that is essential for every law firm. It should be the first thing that you build when you start a law practice. A website should not just be a means of communication with your clients, but it should also be a representation of your law firm. It is important to have and control your firms online presence, and this website will help you do just that. The importance of having your own law firm website cannot be overstated because it will help you build credibility, trust, and authority with potential clients. We at TheARRC are professional web developers that have the experience in understanding what pages your website needs to offer and how to design your content flow together with you so clients feel welcome and respond well to your content and branding, turning them into lifelong, loyal clients.