The Oldest Historic Business in the world Needs Digital Marketing

The golden days of the phone book and flipping through the yellow pages in search of a local painter, electrician, or plumber have sadly gone away. The ways of searching for a service or product has drastically changed. Your future clients are headed to the internet to find and research local services. The Construction Industries are one of the oldest historic businesses in the world. Craftspeople who have built this beautifully functioning world around us are still hesitant to pick up this new tool of all trades, digital marketing.

The office is a place these business owners do not have a lot of  time to spend in. With most all their time being spend on job sites and smart phones. They are the masters of timing and coordinating projects, but to them Social Media can be a time consuming distraction.  Please hear us out on the idea of outsourcing your digital marketing needs.

Here are just a few reasons social media marketing can work so well for this historic industry.

Build Brand Equity and Loyalty

Word of mouth referrals are a large part of generating business and the trade skill industry are experts at this style of marketing. People will always share with their friends and family what they love and trust.

These days those referrals will ask for the website information so they can take a look at your business. An estimated 97% of people will search online before making a decision to purchase a service or product. These searches will lead them to your website and Social Media Outlets to find more personal detailed information, photos of your work and team, along with reviews and comments by friends and clients.

Leaving your business to random reviews or no reviews at all, just isn’t good business. Lets talk about Yelp for a second. If someone has reviewed you, they created a listing for your business that is on Yelp permanently. When people find a business Yelp page they instantly look for the website link. I know that for me, if a website is not listed I keep searching until I find one with a website link.

Websites validate your business.  Creating a Professional online presence will protect your brand and give you control over your clients trusted reviews and testimonials that will encourage people to trust their projects to you.

Surprisingly, 50% of small businesses still do not have a website. A professional marketing team will get your website in front of new leads that are looking for the work you do. Giving you an advantage over the competition who is still hesitant to pick up this new tool of all trades, Digital marketing.

Creating an online presence through social media and a well-built website allows your company to be shared and tagged to potential customers.  The value of your company’s brand is heightened by an online presence.  It allows you to showcase your greatest work and lets your potential customers learn more about your business. If a prospective customer does a Google search for a company without prior knowledge, they’re going to go with the company that has a fresh and relevant social media profile with a well crafted website.

Targeted Marketing:

The old traditional marketing strategies like direct mail or billboard ads, flyers and local magazines leave you wondering if your efforts and money have hit your preferred target costumers. With the soaring price of lumber expected to double by 2025, the cost of paper advertising is also rising. Changing your efforts to a digital marketing platform like Facebook can be cost effective and can target your marketing down to occupation, location, age-ranges and other demographics. Facebook will also link your marketing to other platforms like Instagram.

Strategic advertising on a search engine (SEO) can find customers who are actively looking for your services. The ARRC will build an ideal customer profile to help you find who your business should target online.

Digital Marketing is Measurable

Internet Live Stats claims that there are over 98,000 searches per second on Google every day. Click on the link and you will find a different number, as data is collected in real time! That’s a lot of activity for businesses to compete with. This is why SEO is an important tool in marketing and with so much competition it can also be a bit challenging.

Digital marketing allows you to track all of your email marketing campaigns and search engine (SEO) advertising.  Just by turning a billboard ad into a web banner ad, you will be able track exactly how many prospective buyers landed on and interact with your ads and how many of them turned into qualified leads.

You can then determine how effective a marketing strategy is, down to the marketing revenue that was generated.

Establish a strong brand identity online, get your business noticed by your targeted audiences, contact The ARRC on how you can get started today.

Don’t have the time to manage your Online Presence?  Hire a Professional Digital Marketing Company

Partnering with a Professional digital marketing company will bring a set of skilled and fully dedicated resources. A digital marketing company will be well-trained, highly-skilled in working with the latest industry trends. They are continuously trained to keep up on the cutting edge of their respective discipline, allowing them to diversity their marketing efforts easily and successfully getting your company targeted results.

The digital world is evolving constantly with the new trends, tactics, strategies and search algorithms. Professional digital agency are always following what’s trending in all aspects of digital marketing including social media, SEO, SEM, content, video, email marketing and paid ads. At The ARRC, we implement the strongest and most current reliable strategies to market your business, increase brand awareness and establish a strong brand identity.

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