Business New Year Resolution 2022

Both 2020 and 2021 brought a lot of challenges to business owners from new social skills to inventive ways to stay on track. We are all ready for a better 2022! Business New Year Resolution goals are equally important as our Lifestyle New Year Resolution goals. What new habits can we learn to solve day to day problems and what new projects do we want to accomplish in 2022? Let’s talk about how to keep us excited and energized in the coming year!

Here are 7 Ideas for your 2022 New Year’s Business Resolutions:

1. Delegate – A LOT

No one knows how to care for your business more than you. Many entrepreneurs are responsible for every role in their business, making it challenging to step away. If you want to grow your business, you will need to trust the people on your team to take on assignments like marketing campaigns, financial accounts or administrative tasks.

Your brain holds all the information your business needs to run smoothly, unfortunately, we can’t yet upload your brain to the cloud!  In the meantime, you will need to take some time to create a document for your team to know the correct procedures for running aspects of the company.  This document will provide your team and yourself with the confidence that the job will be done properly. Delegating certain tasks is essential for freeing you to have time to think about innovative ways to expand your business. Give your team a sense of responsibility and ownership to promote a strong sense of company culture.

2. Performance Management

How you manage and track your performance and feedback will help your business or set it back. Performance management can help encourage your teams commitment to company goals and let you see who may need more training and who is ready to take on leadership position.  This will allow you to feel confident in your team when your away from the office. Understanding how your business is performing will help you identify key points of improvement as well as areas that should be positively reinforced.  Gathering feedback from your team and clientele will help you identify the key points.

3. Working smarter in 2022 – Try out some new tools!

There are a lot of new tools to help maximize productivity within your company, from virtual reality to improved workspace. Do some research to find new technology that would meet the needs of your company.  It is all about working hard but simplifying the process and making it more efficient to maximize your productivity.

Another area of working smart in 2022 is to starting the year fresh with cleaning and reorganizing the company work spaces. Create a fresh impression for your customers and revitalize the office energy will help with the productivity and reduces risks of any team members getting sick.

4. Marketing Plan and innovations

Take a close look at your marketing plan, what worked well for your business last year and what didn’t?  Once you have identified what marketing efforts worked for your business in 2021, cut or adapt what did not work.  Meet with your team on implementing  marketing strategies based off your previous marketing campaign analytics. This will all help dictate where your marketing budget should go in 2022 for the greatest return for you investment.

5. Business Plan

Business plans help us stay on our path to success.  These are the roadmap to guide and organize us and to keep us focused. If you want to seek a business loan, find an investor, or take on a partner, a business plan is a tool to illustrate your business worth to outside parties. Business plans are crucial to success. They are not a one and done document, they change as your business changes.  This is the perfect time to update with the latest financials, goals, competitor research, marketing strategies and more.  Refreshing your business plan  will help your business continue to grow in 2022.

6. Refresh and expand your networking

Your schedule is already packed with must-do lists. Continuing to expanding your networking is a wonderful 2022 resolution. Make an effort to make a new connection once a week or monthly.  This will improve the odds of a new business lead, learning valuable trade intel.  Building strong professional relationships will have an impact on your business. Networking should be on your schedule to create the new 2022 habits to ensure it becomes a priority and not a afterthought.

7. Prioritize company culture and beat burnout

Having a strong company culture during this pandemic is one of the most important New Year’s resolutions of 2022. Burn out is something every industry is facing right now. Business owners and employees have been pushed to limits they did not expect. Taking time to develop some new day to day habits will ease this for all involved. Creating a culture that makes everyone feel accomplished, respected and appreciated and that their career growth matters will always boost employee engagement and loyalty reflecting on you and your business’s values.

Implementing one or all of these Business New Year Resolutions will gear you up for a better 2022!